Crochet Cross Bookmark

A couple days ago I found a beautiful free crochet pattern for a Cross Bangle designed by the Crochet Chiq. I knew right away that I wanted to make some bookmarks with her crochet pattern. For the last year I have searched countless times for the ideal cross to use as a bookmark. There are so many already out there to choose from but none of them were really my style or calling out my name. Thank you so much Crochet Chiq for designing this and sharing it with all of us!

I used crochet thread and a 1.9 mm crochet hook.

Free Crochet Cross Bookmark

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  1. Amanda says

    Do you have your own pattern for it or are we to use the link provided that sends us to crochet chiq? Because I’m having a very hard time with it. It’s not clear enough for me. Oops!

        • CorinaCorina says

          It is free and I have it linked in highlighted words on the blog post. I can’t post it here even if it’s free because it would be theft.

  2. Francesca says

    You did a lovely job in crocheting the cross. I would love to make some for Easter gifts but when clicked on your link for the beautiful bangle cross, the site comes up blank with a whirling disk in the middle that does not take you anywhere. Is there a way to contact crochet chiq for the pattern? Thanks in advance!

    • CorinaCorina says

      Yes, I folded the yarn and pulled it though the end, and then pulled the ends through the loop.. and then braided it :)


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