Lalaloopsy Crochet Doll

Crochet Lalaloopsy Doll

Whats hot in the crochet world right now? Toys!! It’s too hot for scarves, sweaters, and fun hats right now but its never too hot for a custom handmade crochet lovey! Children of all ages are helping us Yartist bring crochet up in today’s market.  Lalaloopsy is one of the hottest current trends! Everyone loves the fun bright colors and beautiful curly hair. The button eyes can be a little creepy but the lashes  make up for it.

For this Lalaloopsy doll I used a free crochet pattern that I had found in The Yarn Box. I have already made 2 Lalaloopsy dolls at an earlier date– and when I posted pictures of them on my personal Facebook I had so many people asking for prices that I actually panicked a little.

When crocheting this doll I was going for the look of “Jewel Sparkles” from the Lalaloopsy movie that my daughter cannot seem to get enough of. I was hoping for a doll about 12 inches tall and quoted the buyer $50 for my time and work… I didn’t expect the doll to end up about 1.5 feet tall or to take as long making her as I did– or I would have probably told her $75-$100 dollars. I did my best to follow the pattern but I had to change a lot to get the look I was going for. I didn’t find it very hard to change but the pattern did seem flawed… or it may have just been my lack of reading comprehension skillz. Anyhow, the doll turned out beautiful! I could just stare at her for hours!!! I do recommend the free pattern from The Yarn Box and I think anyone with the basic crochet experience could have a lot of fun with it.

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  1. Beverly Grham says

    What a shame i cannot save this pattern. As I do not have a printer, I crochet from my computer as I do not have online access all the time. My little g-granddaughter would have loved this.

  2. Terra says

    I thought I already commented but now I don’t see it. Was just wondering if there is any way you can post the pattern for the tiara? It is so adorable!

    • CorinaCorina says

      It has been a couple years since I made it and I didn’t write the tiara pattern out. It was a trial and error mess to be honest but I eventually got it. I wish you the best of luck!

  3. Jeannie says

    Your doll is adorable. I realize it has been quite a while since you made her, however…I would love to know what you used for her flesh cover. She is so perfect. Thank you for sharing.

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