Lovely Lady Slouchy Hat

When designing my Child Size Slouchy Hat, I had so much fun with the pattern and the hat turned out so beautiful, I knew I had to make one for me too. This free pattern is very easy to follow and its simply the perfect slouch hat!


Size K/6.5 mm  hook.
Lion Brands Homespun Yarn (5 Bulky)


SC – Single Crochet
DC DEC – Double Crochet Decrease 
DC – Double Crochet

How to DC DEC in the start of a round: ~CH 2, Yarn over, insert hook into next DC, Yarn Over, Pull hook though, Yarn Over, Pull Yarn through first 2 loops, Yarn Over, Pull Yarn through last 2 loops~

Get Started! 

Round 1: Magic Circle, CH 3, 9 DC inside ring. Join to top of CH 3.
Round 2: CH 3, DC in same stitch, 2 DC in next 9 stitches. Join to the top of CH 3.
Round 3: CH 3, DC in same stitch, DC in next stitch. ** 2 DC in next stitch, DC in next stitch. Repeat from ** 8 more times Join to top CH of CH 3
Round 4: CH 3, DC in same stitch, DC in next 2 stitches. ** 2 DC in next stitch, DC in next 2 stitches. Repeat from ** 8 more times Join to top CH of CH 3.
Round 5: CH 3, DC in each stitch, Join to top of CH 3
Round 6: CH 3, DC in same stitch, DC in next 3 stitches. ** 2 DC in next stitch, DC in next 3 stitches. Repeat from ** 8 more times Join to top CH of CH 3
Round 7: CH 3, DC into each DC around. Join to top of CH 3.
Round 8: CH 3, DC in same stitch, DC in next 4 stitches. ** 2 DC in next stitch, DC in next 4 stitches. Repeat from ** 8 more times Join to top CH of CH 3.
Round 9: CH 3, DC into each DC around. Join to top of CH 3.
Round 10: DC DEC into first 2 stitches, DC in next 8 stitches. **DC DEC, DC in next 8 stitches, Repeat from ** 4 more times. Join to top of first DC DEC
Round 11: DC DEC into first two stitches DC in next 7 stitches. **DC DEC, DC in next 7 stitches, Repeat from ** 4 more times. DC in last stitch, Join to top of first DC DEC
Round 12: CH 3, DC into each DC around. Join to top of CH .
Round 13: DC DEC into first two stitches,DC in next 5 stitches. **DC DEC, DC in next 5 stitches, Repeat from ** 5 more times. Join to top of first DC DEC.( you will be shy one DC at the end of this round, and that is okay :))
Round 14: CH 3, DC into each DC around. Join to top of CH 3.
Round 15-20 : CH 1, SC in same stitch and in each stitch around. Join to CH 1.
Finish off and weave in ends. is a great way to save money on store-bought costumes!
(you know, so you can buy more yarn!)

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  1. kaz says

    Hi there
    I love to look of this hat. I am currently without hair because of chemo but by winter i should have some growth so this, once ive made it, will be the perfect keep warm comfy hat
    thank you

    • CorinaCorina says

      A friend of mine is just starting to get her hair back… she created lots of fun hats while going through the chemo. Which honestly, this yarn is sooo soft and comfy it would make an awesome hat to keep you warmer and cozy this fall <3 I wish you the best with what you are going through. Sending lots of love, light and prayer your way.

  2. Fran Miller says

    Corina – Love, love, love this hat! I just made it up this afternoon with Lagoon Homespun. Perfect, thanks for this amazing pattern. The color of your hat brings out your beautiful eyes – good job.

    kaz – Healing thoughts and wishes are sent your way and your new hair will look even better with this gorgeous hat on it.

  3. Amanda says

    I just made this hat last night, I used Bulky yarn and the hook size provided, and my hat is really stiff. I am a new crocheter, so any suggestions? Do I make the stitches too tight, or should I use a bigger hook? It fits me, it just doesn’t really slouch much, it is like a mushroom! Thanks for any help!!

  4. Amanda says

    Also, do you not Join after Rounds 3, 4, 6, 8? I was just curious since it doesn’t say so after the round. Thanks again!!

    • CorinaCorina says

      Thanks so much for pointing that out to me. Yes you do join. I fixed it to say so. I used lion brands homespun yarn. Its not as stiff as most bulky weight so that might be your problem. Do you have access to lion brand homespun? I haven’t tried to make this with any other yarn so I am not sure how it would turn out.

  5. says

    Thanks so much for this pattern! I just moved to Germany and I was not prepared for the cold so I ran out and bought a skein of homespun. After looking on Raverly I found your pattern and promptly crochet this in one night. Thanks to you my head and ears are staying nice and warm!

  6. Erika says

    I just made this hat and it looks like it would fit an infint. I am a bit confused becasue i thought the directions were for an adult. At this point i am not sure how to make it actully fit me because i love the way this hat looks. HELP!!!

  7. Casey says

    I am confused, the DC DEC seems to be exactly what I am doing as a double crochet (which I Just taught myself to do) exept that there is one less chain at the beginning. Could you please explain the difference. Thanks, Casey

  8. Lori J. Thorne says

    I love the look of this slouchy beanie! I’ll have to buy a skein of the yarn as soon as possible so I can make it! Thanks for a terrific crochet pattern!

  9. Kat Ennis says

    Hi there,
    I’m a UK crocheter and I’ve converted your US DC into UK TR and I’ve still ended up with a child sized hat from following this pattern. I’m using a 6.5mm hook and chunky yarn so I’m not sure what’s gone wrong?
    It’s a shame as I was hoping to make this hat for my mother for Christmas.
    Your opinion on this would be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks,

    • CorinaCorina says

      Do you have access to Lion Brands Homespun yarn? Its chunky yarn but works up completely different than most other chunky yarns.

  10. Bonnie says

    I am so excited to try this but….homespun SCARES me :-)…patterns usually say “2” strands together which I do not see on your pattern. Ok– I CAN DO THIS!!! I have about 20 skeins of homespun that was given to me so I am going to trust your beautiful instructions for this menopausal mom!!! I’m just above a beginner….

    • CorinaCorina says

      Yup, this one is just one strand. Don’t be scared! And if you have problems with the yarn snagging on the hook just keep going and you will get used to it. This hat was the first time I had used it too. The first 2 rows were scary when learning the yarn but after that I got used to it. You can do it!! Will love to see your finished work too!!

  11. Misty says

    I just made this hat as one of my first technically “different” projects as I just started corcheting a month or so ago and it turned out so great! I had a person knock at my door within 15 minutes of finishing and the first thing she said to me was “I love your hat!” and was surprised when I said I just made it myself…thank you so much for the awesome pattern :)

    • Misty says

      Oh and also I had been using homespun for knitting scarfs and was hoping to find something else really cool I could make and this made me love Homespun all over again! Perfect :)

  12. claudia says

    I love this hat, but tried a different yarn and it turned out too tight so I took it apart.
    I want to try it again, but also think I was doing something wrong beginning with round 10. When it says to DC DEC in next 2 stitches, do you actually mean next 4 stitches since a DC DEC uses 2 stitches to make one?? Mine turned out with “bumps” on the hat.
    Really, really want to make this work!

  13. Jessi says

    taught myself to crochet so not i’m super great at reading patterns. so far this is my 3rd attempt at this hat, going much, MUCH better this time. third time must truly be the charm. 😉

    so, for round 7, do you mean DC into each DC and skip the 2DCs from round 6? or in each stitch? i figured you would have said each stitch but wasn’t sure…and also, when you start DC into each DC, do you DC into the same stitch from the CH3 or just start into the next stitch? thanks 😉 sorry for so many questions all at once 😛

    • CorinaCorina says

      With the Chain 3, you will not DC into the same stitch because the CH 3 is like a DC itself.
      And round 7, you do DC into each DC but you do not skip any stitches.
      And it is awesome you are learning to crochet! I taught myself too but I learned by reading patterns. Great job at following a pattern for the first time with a pattern that has decreases!! I personally found the yarn I used in this pattern a little tricky to work with. If you feel the same way you should totally check out my newer slouch hat pattern

  14. Julie says

    I don’t know if I did something wrong, but my hat seems big. Is it supposed to be kind of snug? Mine seems like it could just fall off. I followed the directions very carefully. I was concerned about the round where I DC into each DC…after the round that contains the DC Decrease. I did a DC in those as well. Ugh, this is my fourth time attempting a slouchy beanie and they all keep coming out huge. :( what am I doing wrong?

    • CorinaCorina says

      What kind of yarn are you using? You could do the last round as FPSC (front post single crochet) and it will tighten it up for you.

    • Louise says

      The DC in the rows following, or on top of those DC DEC stitches should only have one DC above every DC and DC decrease. That’s how the hat gradually becomes smaller. If your hat is too big all around, including the edging, and you’re sure you understand the pattern, try a smaller crochet hook. What worked well for me was using a 6.5 hook for the body, and a 7.0 hook for the last 6 rows. It came out perfect.

  15. BrendaG says

    I have a skein of gorgeous soft alpaca yarn that I want to make a slouchy hat. It is not chunky yarn. Do you think your pattern would work for my yarn?

  16. Louise says

    I’m having difficulty interpreting in round 10-** DC DEC, DC in next 8 stitches repeat from** 4 more times. as I have 50 stitches to go until I complete the row

    And I see round 11 has **DEC DC, DC in next 7 stitches. Repeat from** 4 more times

    And I see round 13 has the same instructions, but ‘in the next 5 stitches’

    Can someone explain this to me? I understand what a DC DEC, and DC is

    • Louise says

      I figured it out after an ah-ha! moment. I originally made the hat with a 6.0 mm hook, and the hat was too small. I redid the hat with a 7 mm hook and it was too big. I went to Michaels , purchased a 6.5 mm which was working great, but the last 6 rows in sc made the edge too snug on my head. I redid only the last 6 rows with a 7.0 mm hook and the hat is perfect and beautiful. Thank-you for the pattern.

  17. Tina says

    I just made this hat with lion brand yarn wool-ease, which is super bulky weight…….the only thing I had to change was in the last dec dc round I only dec dc in two places(on first and middle of hat) ….the hat was too tight if I didn’t do this. I love the hat!!!!!! Thank you so very much for the pattern !!:)

  18. Amber says

    The only thing missing here is a guage, I crochet and knit very tightly. Made one with suggested yarn and hook size, would not fit an 8 year old neighbor girl. Made a second with lion brand super bulky and a size N hook and it is a mario hat. Thank you.


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