Make and Add a Tulle Bow to a Tutu

Here are step by step instructions for how I made and attached my bows to Olivia’s Tutu.

Take a strip of tulle

Make a loop toward the center of the tulle.

Wrap one end of the tulle around your fingers and the loop

Tuck the tulle between you index and middle finger.

While holding onto the tucked tulle with your fingers, pull the tulle through and your fingers out to create your second loop.

Tug on the ends and also the loops until the bow is tight and also the size that you want it to be. You may have to tug on both the loops and the ends a few times to get it right.

Now its time to attach the bow!

Put hook through between the stitches (where you attached the tulle) from the inside of the tutu.

Wrap the end of the bow onto the hook and pull the tulle through the stitches.

Insert hook into the other side of the stitch

Hook onto the other end of the tulle and pull it through just like you did with the previous end.

In the picture above I am pulling the tulle end through the stitch.

Tie both ends together and cut the extra tulle off.

Spread the bow out and adore your creation!

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  1. Yanna says

    Hi, I am new to your blog. I was surprised. You really do wonderful work. Is it okey to sell ready things out of your patterns or and tutorials?

    Thanks so much.


    • CorinaCorina says

      Yes! You can sell all and any of the items you make from using my patterns and tutorials. You do not HAVE to link back to me… but you are more than welcome to! 😉


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