Tea Party Hat

This morning Ella and I walked to a tea party with my sister and my two nieces. I decided to make another sun hat for Ella, to match her outfit. With this hat I used my Peach Happy pattern but instead of using acrylic I used Peaches and Creme Cotton yarn. It turned out soooo adorable!

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  1. Brenda B. says

    The tea party hat is adorable on your daughter Corina!! She is a doll!! I have made two of them so far. One fit, other one I had to go up a size. But it’s absolutely adorable on my grandaughter!! I made it in aqua Red Heart Soft Baby Steps, then ran a thin satin ribbon thru it. I was thinking of making another one for her in cotton.. Now I know I will.. Thanks for the idea and thanks for sharing your patterns!!

  2. CorinaCorina says

    Im glad you like it!! Yes, it fits way better with the cotton yarn. The peach happy with acrylic was my first sunhat so after I made the other sizes with the cotton I new I needed to make my daughter another one. What I like about this is that the cotton stretches soo well and you can tie the ribbon to be the custom size for the little ones head :)

    Feel free to post pictures on my facebook page! I love to see peoples work!

  3. Penny Dupont says

    Hi I’m just new to these patterns but I love them so much:) I am trying to search for others but can’t see to put in the search bar as nothing comes up.

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