Baby Fox – Pattern Review

Baby Fox Pattern Review

My daughter recently discovered the ever so annoying and catchy song “What Does A Fox Say?”. This has sparked her curiosity. We have been studying the fox and watching all the cartoons that have fox’s that we can find. She has been begging me to make her one of these for some time now.. so we went on a pattern hunt.

After searching through all the patterns that are available online, we discovered this adorable baby fox pattern on AmigurumiPatterns by Pepika. We knew instantly that this was “The One”!

The pattern was very easy to follow, and after making the head of the fox, I knew it would be easy to make a few minor changes to make the ears and legs change colors as well.  I could not be any happier with the outcome and cuteness of this little fox. My daughter will be carrying this little guy around with her everywhere! :)


6 Scarves I Have Made and Loved!

Six Beautiful Scarves I have made and love

Pavement Infinity - Free Crochet Pattern The Pavement Infinity Scarf was a favorite of mine last Winter. I gifted so many, that I actually lost count! It works up easy and what I like to call “mindless”. My favorite thing about this scarf is that you can use any yarn and hook you wish- making it great for busting your stash!


Beautiful and Simple Free Crochet Scarf PatternThe Beautiful and Simple Scarf is exactly that, beautiful and simple. Using just the Half Double Crochet you make this pretty texture by changing your yarn combos.



Good Morning Cowl - Free Crochet PatternThe newest to my collection is the Good Morning Cowl. The stitches are fun, yet easy! It works up quick and is so soft and comfy! Great for cold mornings.



Free Kissing Jewels Infinity Scarf Crochet PatternThe Kissing Jewels Infinity/Cowl was so much fun for me. I am anxious to make more but using different yarns and colors to get a completely different affect.



Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf - Free Crochet PatternMost of you have already heard of, seen, or made the Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf. It went CRAZY around the crochet world! And if you have made it, you know exactly why! It is such a beautiful and simple work of yarn art that is also practical and comfy to use!

Soft and Squishy Shell Scarf - free crochet patternThe Soft and Squishy Scarf really is soft and squishy! It’s a great shell design to add that splash of color and texture during the colder seasons.

Good Morning Cowl

Good Morning Cowl - Free Crochet Pattern

It’s that time of year again. The mornings are Chili and by noon it is warm outside. The best way to dress during seasons like this is to wear layers. This cowl is made to supply warmth and comfort to help kick start our days.
The stitch I came up with for this cowl is so much fun. It includes 3 beginner stitches- making this a great project for anyone.

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Stitch11 Rose and Headband Pattern

Stitch11 Rose and Headband - Free Crochet Pattern

I recently started wearing headbands when I would try to pull off the “Elsa Braid”. Without one, my hair on one side would slowly fall down. It didn’t take long before my daughter started begging me to make her headbands also. :) If you do not know what the measurements are for who you will be making the headband for.. check out >>>this<<<  chart. It’s by far my favorite! You can also try this pattern out with different yarns and hook sizes. I will love seeing them! You can share your photo’s with me on my Stitch11 Facebook Page.

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Swing Dress Tunic – Pattern Review

Swing Dress Tunic - Pattern Review 1


I had the opportunity to test out this beautiful tunic crochet pattern. Pattern Paradise designed the Swing Dress Tunic for 12 months- 5T. My daughter wears size 6, and as you can see it still fits her beautifully!

This was my first time working with DK #3 yarn. I ordered this yarn through Craftsy > Here<. I LOVE it btw! :)

The pattern works up beautifully and quickly. I never ran into any issues or errors. It is an easy pattern too!

The Swing Dress Tunic is great for beginners and was a fun learning experience for me. This was my first time making anything with chevron… and I love the final touch it made to the bottom of the tunic.

Hop on over to Pattern Paradise for your copy!

Swing Dress Tunic - Pattern Review 1

Swing Dress Tunic - Pattern Review 1

Swing Dress Tunic - Pattern Review 1