Stuffed – Crochet Patterns Reviewed or Designed by Stitch11

Stuffed Crochet Patterns Designed or Reviewed by Stitch11


I wanted to round up all the items I have made to stuff. I didn’t realize until now, but I missed one! The Baby Bunny deserves a shout out too! The rest are listed below. Working from left to right from the photo above.

Huggy Bunny 
Grumpy Bear 
Pokemon Balls 
Clutch Ball 
Awesome Crochet Find 
Curtain Hugging Bear 
Baby Duck 

And I don’t want to forget the amazing cat I made! Although I didn’t write a pattern, I did link all the patterns that I used to put it together.

Rainbows for Love -Free Crochet Patterns and Other Rainbow Tutorials

Rainbows for Love - Free crochet patterns and tutorials


Let’s take a moment to sit back, take a deep breath…. and smile. The right to LOVE is sweeping across the states! Let’s keep sharing the love! The more we love, the less room there is for hate. <3 <3

Here are 19 rainbow tutorials. Most of these tutorials are crochet, but some are cooking and some are crafty. Share the love!

Hood For Tots
– Design by Stitch11

Simply Pampered DIY Crisco Candle Recipe and Basket Crochet Pattern
– Design by The Hooked Haberdasher

Sweetheart Love Flower
– Design by Stitch11

Simply Pampered Lacy Round Washcloth and Bath Salts
– Design by The Hooked Haberdasher

Rainbow Jello
– Design by Stitch11

Flower Child Bag
– Design by Trifles N Treasures

Lalaloopsy Doll
– Design by Stitch11

Rainbow Daze Washcloth
– Design by Simply Collectible Crochet

Boutique Bow
– Design by Stitch11

Good Hat
– Design by Moogly

Kaleido Dreams Square
– Design by Stitch11

Magic Rainbow Baby Blanket
– Design by Moogly

Curly Q Hat
– Design by Stitch11

Eloise Sweater
– Design by Moogly

Baby Robot
– Design by Stitch11

Rainbow Fan
– Tutorial by DIY Home Tips and Tricks

6-12 Month Leg Warmers
– Design by Stitch11

Rainbow Wings
– Tutorial by Katie Kupcake

Ninja Mask
– Design by Stitch11


Crochet Hemp Bracelet – Free Crochet Pattern

Crochet Hemp Bracelet - free crochet pattern

This bracelet is designed for a 6 inch wrist. I made mine 6.5-7 inches around for comfort. This bracelet is designed so you can easily make them smaller or larger. You may not need to adjust the pattern though.. this bracelet fit’s my small wrist, my husbands huge wrist, and my 4 year olds ankle.

2 colors of hemp cord. 10 yrds each.
4.25 MM crochet Hook
Yarn needle

CH – Chain
SC- Single Crochet
Slip Stitch

Step 1: CH 5. Slip stitch into first CH.
Step 2: CH 1. 3 SC into loop you just made. Do not join.
Step 3: CH 1. SC into each of the 3 SC.
Repeat step 3 to desired length. I repeated step 3 twenty six times.
Step 4: CH 10. Finish off.
Change colors
Step 5: CH 9. Slip stitch into the starting SC of your last step 3 repeat. Slip stitch up the side of the bracelet… through the center of each SC. Slip stitch into each CH (of the loop you made from step 1). Slip stitch back up the other side of the bracelet. Finish off when you reach the last repeat row of step 3.
Weave in your ends and finish off.

You use the CH ends to tie through the loop end. Making this bracelet custom fit to many wrists.

Baby Clutch Ball – Review

Clutch Ball - Pattern review by Stitch11


The Baby Clutch Ball by Petals To Picots is so much fun!

It reminded me of the Awesome Crochet Find from my beginner crochet days! It’s one of those crochet patterns that is so exciting to watch come together!

I am so proud of these and I am so excited to be gifting them to my cousins at their baby showers.

The pattern was so easy to follow and easy to memorize too! Make sure to fetch your own copy of the pattern >here<!

Child-Teen/Small Adult Size Mouse Hat with a Bow

Minnie Mouse Hat - Free Crochet Pattern - Preschool and child-teensmall adult sizes

For the next couple months, I will be working on birthday gifts and baby shower gifts. I will do my best to either write up what I make or review and link the patterns I decide on. This is going to be a fun summer in my little crochet world so make sure you follow Stitch11 on Facebook!

My niece is turning 6! Last week while she was at my house, she told me that she “REALLY REALLY loves Minnie Mouse”! I asked her if that means she needed a Minnie Mouse hat and of course she says “YES!!!”

This hat fits most heads 5 years and up! Although it won’t fit all adults, it fits me great. If you are wanting to make it for a larger head just add an extra increase round. If you want it for someone younger than 5, check out my Preschool Minnie Mouse Hat pattern! It’s free as well.

I/9 – 5.5 mm crochet hook
black med-worsted weight yarn (I used I Love This Yarn)
Yarn needle
You will also need…
#5 Pink Bulky Weight Yarn and a 6.5 mm crochet hook for the bow. For THIS bow, I actually used two strands of Caron Simply Soft held together.

Stitches Used
Magic Circle 
CH- Chain
SC- Single Crochet
HDC- Half Double Crochet
FPDC – Front Post Double Crochet 
FPSC – Front Post Single Crochet

You will also be using these stitches when making the bow
DC- Double Crochet


You will be working in continuous rounds.

Round 1: Magic Circle. 10 HDC in magic circle.  (10)
Round 2: 2 HDC into each of the next 10 stitches. (20)
Round 3: **2 HDC into the next stitch. HDC into the next stitch. Repeat from ** 9 more times. (30)
Round 4: **2 HDC into the next stitch. HDC into the next 2 stitches. Repeat from ** 9 more times. (40)
Round 5: **2 HDC into the next stitch. HDC into the next 3 stitches. Repeat from ** 9 more times. (50)
Round 6:  1 HDC into each of the next 50 stitches. (50)
Round 7: **2 HDC into the next stitch. HDC into the next 4 stitches. Repeat from ** 9 more times. (60)
Rounds 8-13: 1 HDC into each of the next 60 stitches. (60)
Round 14: 1 HDC into each of the next 56 stitches. SC into the next stitch. Slip stitch into the next stitch. (60)
Rounds 15-20: CH 1, HDC into same stitch. FPDC over next stitch. ** HDC into next stitch. FPDC over next stitch. Repeat from ** around. Join to first HDC. (60)
Round 21: CH 1, FPSC into each stitch around. Join to first FPSC. (60)

Finish off and weave in your ends.


Round 1: Magic Circle. CH 1. 6 HDC into magic circle. Do NOT join. Pull ring tight.(6)
Round 2: CH 1, turn. 2 HDC into each stitch across. (12)
Round 3: CH 1, turn. 2 HDC into the first stitch. 1 HDC into the next stitch. **2 HDC  into the next stitch. 1 HDC into the next stitch. Repeat from ** across. (18)
Round 4: CH 1, turn. SC into next 4 stitches. 2 SC into the next stitch. HDC into next 3 stitches. 2 HDC into each of the next two stitches. HDC into next 3 stitches. 2 SC into the next stitch. SC into next 4 stitches. (22)
Round 5: CH 1, turn. SC into next 6 stitches. 2 SC into the next stitch. HDC into next 3 stitches. 2 HDC into each of the next two stitches. HDC into next 3 stitches. 2 SC into the next stitch. SC into next 6 stitches. (26)
Round 6: CH 1, turn. SC into next 8 stitches. HDC into next stitch. 2 HDC into the next stitch. HDC into each of the next 6 stitches. 2 HDC into the next stitch. HDC into the next stitch. SC into next 8 stitches. (26)

Finish off and repeat for a total of 4 ears.

Layer 2 ears together and join from one side to the other with the Single Crochet stich. No need to join the bottom, you will do that when attaching it. This will make it a thicker and stronger ear. Attach the ear to the hat and repeat for other ear. I attached my ears across rounds 2-9.

Now all you need to do is make your Minnie Mouse Bow and attach it in front of your ears. For the bow in the picture, I used two strands of pink Caron Simply Soft held  together.
When I attached my bow, I used black yarn and not only attached the bottom center to the hat, but I also attached it to the ears a little bit.