16 FREE Stitch11 Crochet Patterns for Babies!

16 FREE Stitch11 Crochet Patterns for Babies

I have spent the last week on a new pattern. Just when I realized I was almost finished, I looked at the weather to see we have rain in our forecast for the entire coming week! I really want to get an outdoor photo. So, I decided to put the new pattern release on hold and put together a few Stitch11 round ups!

Here is a list of 16 free crochet patterns that I designed for sweet lil’ babies! They are listed from the photo, working left to right and top to bottom.

Curtain Huggy Bear 
0-3 Month Frog Hat 
Owl Cuddle Lovey 
Puff Bonnet 
Newborn Sleepy Owl Hat 
Weight Set (photo prop) 
The Chloe – Newsboy Beanie 
Princess Hat 
Turtle Photo Prop 
Witch/Wizard Hat 
Sock Monkey Hat 
Welcome Home Beanie 
Flower Photo Prop Cocoon 
Princess Crown 

15 Crochet Square Patterns – Reviewed or Designed by Stitch11

15 Crochet Square Patterns - Reviewed or Designed by Stitch11

Although I know I am not done making squares, I wanted to go ahead and put them together into one post while I work on a few other items.

Below, each pattern or review of a pattern is linked through the title. They are listed based on the photo above, in rows, left to right.

Happy hookin’!

The Bailey Square 

The Aiding Square 

Mini Mandala 

Flower in a Square 

Majestic Bloom  

Lacy Flower Square 

Flower Bud Crochet Square 

Dream Catcher Square 

Sunflower in a Square 

Perfectly Square 

Dahlia in a Square 

Bursting Corners 

Star in a Square 

Three Inch Square 

Hydrangea  Shrub Square 

Bailey Square – Free Crochet Pattern – Review

Bailey Square - Free crochet pattern - review

This square is a perfect example as to why I love following crochet patterns. I learned a new technique! I would have thought this look was created with front post stitches… boy was I wrong! So easy, so fun, so pretty!

The Bailey Square (<-link) by Kim Guzman is great for everyone. Simple color changes can make this square for either boy or girl.. or gender neutral!

Thanks Kim for helping me learn new techniques and for this beautiful free crochet square pattern!

Aiding – The Three Inch Granny Square – Free Crochet Pattern

aiding - the three inch square - free crochet pattern

While trying to piece some of my crochet squares together.. I found myself wanting a piece that was 9 inches wide and 3 inches tall. So I decided to make 3 more three inch squares.

I didn’t have a chance to look for a pattern. My daughter was begging me to lay with her while she fell asleep. I quickly freehanded these up and memorized the pattern well enough to share with everyone!
These little squares will make a great addition to piece together a blanket with 6 and 12 inch squares.

If the weather is on my side, I will go add them to the tree today. :) Enjoy my latest free crochet pattern!

Med-worsted weight yarn
5 mm crochet hook.
Yarn needle

Magic Circle
4 DC CL – Four Double Crochet Cluster
CH – Chain
DC – Double Crochet
SC – Single Crochet
HDC – Half Double Crochet 

Tip: To make your starting 4 DC CL, you will CH 2 as your first partial DC and then continue with the next 3 partial DC’s before pulling through all 5 loops.

Let’s get started! 
Round 1: Magic Circle. Make your starting 4 DC CL into the magic circle. CH 3. **4 DC CL into magic circle. CH 3. Repeat from ** 2 more times. Join to first Cluster.   Pull magic circle tight.
Round 2: CH 1. **SC into top of cluster. 5 DC into CH space. Repeat from ** 3 more times. Join to first SC.
Round 3: CH 3. DC into same SC. CH 2. 3 DC into same SC. Skip one DC. HDC into each of the next 3 DC. Skip 1 DC. **3 DC into SC. CH 2. 3 more DC into same SC. Skip one DC. HDC into each of the next 3 DC. Skip 1 DC. Repeat from ** 2 more times. DC into starting stitch. Join to top CH of CH 3.
Weave in your ends. 

Flower Bud Granny Square – Free Crochet Pattern – Review

Flower Bud Granny Square - Free Crochet Pattern - Review

Most of us in the crochet community has noticed the beautiful flower bud crochet patterns by Dearest Debi over the last year or so. I have been waiting for an excuse to work one up since her first Flower Bud Stitch tutorial. What better excuse (for me) than decorating a tree!

I am a nature lover! Always have been and always will be. There is something about the outdoors that feels healing to the soul.
A few years ago, I put 6 granny squares on a tree, deep in the woods at one of my favorite hiking areas. Since then I have seen people posting photos of my mini yarn bomb with amazement of what they discovered while hiking or bird watching. :D Fills my heart with so much joy to know people get excited when they stumble across it.  So, this Spring, every time I hike that direction, I bring some yarn love to add to it. I can’t help but to hope and wonder how long it will take before another hooker decides to add to it. :D

This lovely Flower Bud Granny Square pattern (<- link) is going to make a beautiful addition to my yarn bomb! The pattern was VERY easy for me to follow and it worked up extremely quick. These squares would make an adorable baby blanket! And, not only is this pattern beautiful and easy… but it is also free!