Christmas Party – Apple Cozy – Free Pattern Review

Christmas Party Apple Cozy

It’s Christmas time! That means, Chocolate, hard candy, and pure sugar EVERYWHERE! Although I love sweets, just as much as my daughter… I wanted to send her to school with a Christmas party snack that wasn’t the normal sugar rush idea.

What better than an apple wrapped in a red and green cozy?

To make this apple cozy, I followed the Large version of THIS PATTERN. I used Red Heart with Love and a 5 mm crochet hook. I didn’t make the drawstring.. because they clearly fit well enough to have no need to tighten. I did want to add name tags, so I cut felt into leaf shapes and hot glued them on!  Each one took be a little more than an hour. But I could have made them faster if needed.

My daughter loves them, as I am sure the other 3-4 year old’s will too!

Bobble Leg Warmers -Toddler, Child and Adult Sizes

Free Bobble Leg Warmer Crochet Pattern - Toddler-Child-Adult

Like usual, my daughter told me what she wanted me to make her next. She specifically wanted blue leg warmers. Luckily, I had just bought a lot of blue Red Heart with Love during the Black Friday sale at Walmart.
I didn’t want to make these like my usual HDC leg warmers. I wanted to use a fun stitch! The Bobble Stitch is so much fun to work with… especially when crocheting for a young child.
Although this pattern was designed for my daughter, I went ahead and wrote out this free crochet pattern in three sizes- toddler, child, and adult.

Red Heart with Love (For the toddler and child size, you will need less than one skein. For the adult size, you will need a little more than one skein.)
K-6.5 mm crochet hook
Yarn needle for weaving in ends.

FSC – Foundation Single Crochet
CH – Chain
SC – Single Crochet

I used the video tutorial by Kim Guzman to learn the 4 DC Bobble Stitch and I used the video tutorial by Moogly to learn the Foundation Single Crochet.

~Note~ If you need to adjust the size, all you have to do is add or subtract stitches from your starting FSC by counts of 2. 

Round 1: FSC 26 for Toddler size -- FSC 30 for Child -- FSC 36 for Adult size.  Join to first FSC.
Round 2: CH 1. Turn. SC in same stitch. 4-DC-Bobble in next stitch. **SC in next stitch. 4-DC-Bobble in next stitch. Repeat from ** around. Join to first SC.  (26, 3036 stitches)
Round 3: CH 1. Turn. (Do not crochet into the same stitch. Your first SC will go into the top of the bobble stitch. Your last SC of this round will go into your starting stitch) SC into each stitch around. Join to first SC.  (26, 30, 36 stitches)
Repeat rounds 2 and 3 — 11, 14, 17 more times.
Finish off and weave in your ends.

Chevron Lace Cowl – (free) pattern review

Chevron Lace Cowl

I have been wanting to make something “Chevron” for a very long time now. When I discovered this Chevron Lace Infinity Scarf pattern by Moogly… I quickly put it at the top of my list.

I did use a thicker yarn that the pattern called for. I used Red Heart With Love and a size N crochet hook. I also made the scarf shorter before joining because I have been loving the look and ease of cowls lately more than infinity scarves.
Especially when crocheting for a blind family member, she won’t have to worry about the scarf falling and tripping her. And since it’s shorter, it’s less likely to snag on anything while she is walking. 

My first attempt at following the pattern I was REALLY confused, but then I scrolled down a little and found Moogly’s diagram. Then it ALL made since. If you have never used a diagram, this will be the perfect project… especially since you have a written pattern to help you understand it!

Thanks Moogly for sharing another great free pattern!

Get your copy of this pattern > HERE<

See more scarves I have made >HERE<

Leaping Stripes – For Men – Pattern Review

Leaping Stripes - For Men

My husband let me know that his feelings were hurt. :( I had been crocheting for over two years, and have never made him a hat. AND, I have made everyone in both of our families hats.. and never made one for him. >See last years men’s beanie Christmas gifts<

I tried to explain to him that I was waiting for the perfect design for him…. and that I didn’t want to make him wear something that wasn’t manly enough. It is hard to know if something designed with yarn is fit for the most picky manly man you know. >.< It wasn’t that I didn’t want to make him something… it was just that I had not came up or found the perfect design for him.

So, to solve our problem, I showed him a bunch of crochet beanie designs… and let him pick which one was his favorite. I also let him choose what yarn colors to use. He knew instantly when seeing the Leaping Stripes Beanie by Moogly that it was perfect for him.

I did make changes for the brim, but only because I really like making them a certain way. I did three rows of *2 HDC, 2 FPDC* repeated. One row of SC. And finished it off with one row of FPSC to make sure it is snug under the ears.

The hat fits him perfect and he loves it! Thanks Moogly!!!

Curtain Hugging Bear – Free Crochet Pattern

Curtain Hugging Bear

I had the opportunity to write a pattern for Stitch and Unwind! When I asked her if there was any theme of amigurumi she would like me to go with… she told me that “Woodland Creatures” are popular right now.

So many ideas ran through my mind! But trying to write a pattern that was easy to follow for all levels of crocheters is a main priority when I write patterns. I thought about making  a skunk, raccoon, and even a deer. But when I pictured the pattern process, I felt overwhelmed. So I went with an animal I was familiar with- a bear!

I didn’t just want to make a bear though. I wanted to make something unique and fun. Somehow, a curtain tie back came mind. I felt like I was brilliant! ;) Haha I couldn’t be happier with the level of cuteness! Get your own copy of the free pattern >HERE<!