Blue Bear Hood – Pattern Review

Blue Bear Hood

A few days ago, Niftynnifer posted a new free crochet pattern for her Beautiful Blue Bear Hood. The name for it was so fitting, because it really is BEAUTIFUL!

I wanted so badly to make it… but I didn’t have the correct yarn on hand. But like most of us crafters, we find a way! I combined a medium/worsted weight yarn with Fun Fur.  I also had to adjust the ears to be smaller.. because I was running out of the Fun Fur.

The pattern is easy to follow and is written really well! If I make this hat again, I will probably order the yarn that she calls for with the pattern.

Although my Blue Bear Hood isn’t nearly as stunning as Niftynnifer’s,  it’s still beautiful! I thought my gauge was correct, but obviously it is smaller than hers. The good news- my daughter loves it and cannot wait to put it to good use this winter. It is so warm and soft! Perfect for going outdoors during those Arctic Air weather blasts we kept having last winter. So this winter, we are prepared!

Victoria’s Pumpkin Hat – pattern review

Victoria's  Pumpkin Hat

I have a confession to make… and to be quite honest, it’s embarrassing! I haven’t went yarn shopping since January! Between my husband changing jobs a few times, appliances breaking down one after another, and my blog income being affected by the non-crochet season… I just haven’t had the extra cash. I know, I know… EVERY season is crochet season! But my online traffic will argue with that. The good news is, my husband is back to working good hours for decent pay and my site is finally picking back up. It wont be long at all and I will be posting photos of yummy yarn on my Facebook wall.

During this down time, I have re organized my dwindling yarn stash multiple times.. and to my surprise, I still have a decent amount! Including a huge skein of orange WW Bernat cotton yarn. With Autumn sneaking up right around the corner, of course I will be thinking of pumpkins when I look at it!

I asked some of my blogger friends to link me their pumpkin patterns so I can put this orange yarn to good use. While everyone shared beautiful patterns, one of them stood out to me the most. The Victoria’s Pumpkin Hat

The Victoria’s Pumpkin Hat is designed by Snappy Tots. She shares with you how to turn just about any hat pattern into a pumpkin hat.  Using her step by step guide to making the stem and curly vine, you can then use her Victoria’s Sun hat pattern to create the beautiful and unique stitch design.

I have never thought about putting my stitches together the way she does in this design. It is so pretty! The sun hat pattern does cost $4.49. You all know I love free, but discovering this stitch technique is well worth those few bucks, not to mention the inspiration I now have for other designs using a similar technique.  I had that “ah ha!” moment when I realized how she created the beautiful texture.

So, hop on over to Snappy Tots and check out how she transforms just about any crochet hat pattern into a pumpkin!

Minnie Mouse in Preschool

Minnie Mouse - For 3 - 5 year olds - Free Crochet Pattern

When I was first learning how to crochet, a local mom came to me while shopping in the baby food aisle at Walmart. She told me she LOVED my daughters hat (first and only thing I had made at the time) She offered me 20 dollars to make her daughter a hat too! I was so shocked and excited!
Now 2.5 years later, she has came back! She wanted to know if I could make her daughter a Minnie Mouse hat. How exciting is this? We will both get to see how far I have come since that first sale. And… not to mention the fact that she came back in the first place ;) I told her I felt sorry for all the people who payed me for hats when I was first learning to crochet. She was quick to tell me they still love and admire the hat, but that her beautiful daughter has simply outgrown it. So here we go! This pattern is designed for 3-5 year olds. If you would like a smaller size, check out Repeat Crafter Me!

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Free Turtle Pattern – Review

Free Turtle Pattern - Review-

I wanted to make my daughter a turtle family.  She has decided that she wants to “collect” them. I am sure she will collect these just like every other animal she can think of. ;)

I searched online for free patterns for a good hour! Once I finally found this cute pattern, I knew it was the one because it was simple enough to be able to make my own adjustments.

To get the different sizes, I just used different yarn weights with the appropriate hook size. I may also try out some bulky yarn tonight!

I did add an additional SC row at the end of the head/neck. I also made tails for the turtles… each one I did differently or I would share with  you how I did them. I love this pattern!!  I can easily finish a turtle in about an hour or two.. depending on how many times I have to be a mom while I am trying to crochet. Haha!


free turtle crochet pattern

Free Turtle Crochet Pattern

Crochet Butterfly – Free Crochet Pattern (linked)

Free Butterfly Crochet Pattern

My sister Miranda, from The Yarn Box, just bought a beautiful new home. In the excitement of transforming their new home, my niece’s decided to decorate their rooms in butterflies.

I searched the web until I found the perfect crochet butterfly pattern for making into bunting. But after I finished crocheting the butterflies…I fell in love with them just the way they are.

We are planning to hang these sweet things from their bedroom ceiling. If we succeed, I will be sure to share a photo on my Stitch11 Facebook Page! Get the free crochet pattern HERE :)