Hydrangea Shrub – Crochet Pattern Review

Hydrangea Shrub - Crochet Pattern Review

I am thrilled to share the link for the Hydrangea Shrub Crochet Square!

And, I am so excited to finally have the chance to learn the Bullion stitch! To be honest, I never thought I would be able to pull it off!  But this square has the perfect amount for someone like me who fears pulling through too many loops at once. Ha! If you haven’t worked with the Bullion stitch before, this is your excuse to learn it!

Thank you so much for sharing your design Underground Crafter!

Lacy Flower Granny Square – Free Crochet Pattern Review

Lacy Flower Granny Square - Free Crochet pattern - Review

The Lacy Flower Crochet Granny Square (<–pattern linked) is the first of the series that is to come. This square is going to look beautiful wrapped around a tree!

As soon as I started hookin’ the square up, ideas started popping into my head like a spreading wild fire. You can make beach bags, market bags, ponchos, beach wraps, lacy shirts to wear over your tanks, and even curtains! Have more ideas? Share them in the comment section below! I want to hear them!

Thanks for the endless ideas and for the free crochet pattern KatidCreations.

Cute Cat – Why I Follow Crochet Patterns

Cute Cat - Why I follow crochet patterns.
I often see/hear people say “I do not follow patterns.” I know there are many reasons a person will say this.. but I want to share with everyone why I choose to follow patterns.

Sometimes I feel like I can make anything that I put my mind to… and at this moment, I still feel this way. Not that I think I can design or freehand anything I put my mind to, or that I can find a pattern for anything I wish. I just know that between the patterns and techniques that are out there for me to discover, I can learn how to make anything that I need/want to. And really, so can you.

For this cat, I knew I wanted to make something better than my first experience with crocheting kittens. After all, it has been a few years since I made them, why wouldn’t I be able to make something better?

After searching online with my daughter by my side, we were inspired by many patterns, photo’s and even a video! Here are the links that helped me create this adorable cat!

First of all, the kitten who started the idea…

This video has captured the hearts of everyone in my home. We have watched a few different ones.. but this one was the first. So cute!!!

Next, we attempted to find the perfect and most adorable cat pattern to use/base the creation off of. I knew I could design one, or wing it; but I think following other peoples patterns only increases my own skill. I learn new techniques that I would have never thought up on my own!

This blog
post captured my child’s imagination and inspired the colors of the cat. But when I went to follow the pattern… I couldn’t get it translated well enough without having to wing it anyways.

Next up, we found another pattern that my daughter said was her favorite- Moko The Cat.
So, using this, I crocheted the head. But instead of making the bottom half a different color, I changed colors using the techniques I learned from the little Earth I crocheted last year.

With the eyes, I knew I loved the look of the Grumpy Cat Hat I made last year. So I used techniques from that experience for this item.
For the ears, I knew I wanted the clean look- like the ones from the Baby Fox pattern!

For the puffy cheeks above the mouth, I used the technique that I fell in love with last week while following the Sweet Bunny Hat!
Ella Bunny - pattern review

For the paws, I googled “Crochet Amigurumi Paws” and found this fantastic and creative pattern by Repeat Crafter Me! It was perfect for the feet. And using what I learned from this pattern, I was able to make a smaller version for the front paws too.

For the body, I free handed something similar to the pattern I used for the head.
For the tail, I just started with 8 SC in a magic ring, and kept it at 8 SC the entire length. I will be honest though, there were a few cat patterns out there with amazing tails that I contemplated on using.

This cat is the outcome from putting the minds of many artist together into one piece. This is exactly why I love to follow patterns. I take what I learn from each one, whether it be their ideas, techniques, or actual patterns- and mix it all up with my own creativity. It is like the fire that sparks my own passion for art. Without everyone else sharing their work, patterns, and tutorials.. it would have taken me longer than 2 years to go from the original cats I made…. to this latest. And wow, what a difference!!!
Why I follow Crochet Patterns

Duck and Bunny Patterns – Designed or Reviewed by Stitch11

Duck and Bunny Patterns Designed or Reviewed By Stitch11

Before I move on from Easter projects, I wanted to put all the duck and bunny patterns I have crocheted into one post. Each one is listed below. Click the name of the pattern to be directed to the post.

Next, I will be starting a series of crochet square reviews. I will be adding each square I review to a tree I yarn bombed last year while hiking! It is a small tree, but instead of adding them to different tree’s, I decided to keep adding them to the same one. :) Once I am sick of making squares, I will share a round up of all of them, and a photo of the tree!

Bunny Hat 
Baby Bunny 
Cutest Duck Hat
Baby Duck 
Huggy Bunny  
Sweet Bunny Hat 
Mini Bunny


Bunny Hat – Free Crochet Pattern – Review

Bunny Hat - free crochet pattern - review


I decided to follow the free “One Hour Bunny Hat” (<–link to pattern) by Moogly – because I wanted a quick and simple pattern to add to my Easter crochet stash… well, my daughters. ;)

After working up the base of the hat, Ella asked me if the ears would stick up like a “real bunny”. I told her I will see what I can do…

I decided to make two layers of each ear before doing the trim around the ears. I used one white layer and one blue layer for each ear. I then joined them together while doing the trim directed by the pattern. I also lightly stuffed them.
When attaching them, they wanted to flop straight forward. To solve this issue.. I just kept securing them, over and over. I also attached them a little bit together at the bottom of the ears. I would put the hat on, check to see if they stood up, and if not, I would go back and secure them to the base of the hat a little more. Then suddenly, they stayed straight up!

Ella was so excited, as you can see from the photos! This fun and quick pattern made my daughter so happy! Thanks Moogly!!!