Fluff Cuff – Child Size Fingerless Gloves

Fluff Cuff - Child Size Fingerless Gloves - Free Crochet Pattern

Living in Indiana, means not knowing what kind of weather Halloween will bring. Some years we have Indian Summers (or so the weather man calls them?) -while some Halloween’s bring snow. To avoid the risk of my children getting cold while trick or treating door to door… I always try to make sure their costumes are warm enough to block crisp air from reaching their skin.
Last Halloween, my daughter was a cat. I made her the Fingerless Kitty Cat Mittens. This year she will be a FOX! :D So far I have made the Fox Tail, and the Fox hat. It’s only fitting that I make her new fingerless gloves to match this years costume. And like most of what I make, here is the free pattern for these adorable Fluff Cuff – Child Size Fingerless Gloves!

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Child Size Fox Hat – free crochet pattern

Child Size Fox Hat - Free Crochet Pattern

If you haven’t already made the Fox Tail, you must check the Fox Tail Tutorial out right away! I used the same pet brush to fluff this basic medium weight beanie!  You do not have to fluff the beanie you make, it looked beautiful with clean stitches- My daughter is just asking for a fluffy type of fox costume. As much as I would love to make every piece of her costume with super fluffy yarn… it just isn’t practical for me at the moment. Basic medium weight yarn is much easier to buy in the colors I need.
There will be more pieces to my daughters costume. If you want to make sure you never miss a post, make sure you subscribe! You can find the option to subscribe on the right side of this site. Thanks!!

Also check out the matching Fingerless Glove pattern!

How To Crochet a Child Size Fox Hat – Free Crochet Pattern

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Fox Tail – Free Tutorial – Review

Fox Tail - Free Tutorial Review

I am so excited to finally start on my daughters Halloween costume. She made it clear to me that I *must* start by making her fox tail first.

A quick post in the Facebook crochet group Yartists led me to this fun free tutorial by I Save A 2 Z. You can view the tutorial HERE.

It took me about three days to complete- but I am not able to sit and work on my projects all day… or I would have been able to finish it in one day.  I did not use a straightener on the yarn. If you choose to use one, I would suggest using it before attaching the yarn to the braid.

We are so thrilled with how beautiful this tail came out! Now to start on another part of her costume. More posts to come!  :D

If you love a beautiful fox, check out the Baby Fox Pattern I tested!
Also check out the matching Fingerless Gloves Pattern and the free Fox Hat pattern!

Where’s Waldo – free crochet pattern review

Where's Waldo - free crochet pattern review

A friend of mine asked if I could squeeze in a small project to help her complete her sons Halloween costume. She sent me a link to what she had in mind.

To my surprise, it was a free Where’s Waldo crochet hat pattern designed by Repeat Crafter Me! I love all of her designs! Her patterns are always very easy to follow and very true to the size.

I tried this one on my 3 year old and she says it fits perfect.

Pair this hat with a striped shirt and black round glasses and you will have Waldo! Thanks for the pattern Repeat Crafter Me!

Get your copy of this free pattern >HERE<

Grumpy Bear – Free Crochet Pattern

Free Grumpy Carebear Crochet Pattern

Some of you may already know how much my daughter loves Care bears. A few months ago I made her the “Backpack to Care-A-Lot“. Ever since then, she has been begging me to make her a Grumpy Bear. Mr Grumpy has been pushed back on my list for too long! Finally, my most reliable customer came to me requesting one!  Of course this made my daughter happy because I would have to make a few of them during the pattern writing process. :D  I hope you love this free Grumpy Care bear pattern as much as we do!!

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