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Crochet Ninja Mask

During this last week I have tried and tested countless crochet masks. My goal was to make 4 ninja masks in the theme of the TMNT. 9 masks later I finally got it! I love the technique of making this mask and am very proud to say I came up with it. Now that I have made so many (using this pattern I have written out for you) I already have many more ideas for masks that I plan to test out in the upcoming weeks. So find a ninja or super hero near you and create them a mask of their own!

Free Ninja Mask Crochet Pattern by Stitch11


Medium weight yarn (Red Heart Super Saver or I Love This Yarn)
Using H hook
Yarn Needle (for weaving in your ends)
Iron and wet cloth (for killing yarn)
A Super Hero ;)

CH- Chain
HDC- Half Double Crochet
DC- Double Crochet
HDC 3 Together
Slip Stitch

Get Started!

Row 1: CH 116, turn, skip 1 CH. SC in next 40 CH, HDC in next CH, DC in next 9 CH, 2 DC in next 2 CH. 3 DC in next CH. 2 DC in next CH. HDC in next CH. 2 HDC in next CH. HDC 3 together. 2 HDC in next CH. HDC in next CH. 2 DC in next CH. 3 DC in next CH. 2 DC in next 2 CH. DC in next 9 CH. HDC in next CH. SC in next 40 CH. slip stitch into same chain. CH 1, turn.

Row 2: (working on other side of the CH)  SC in same CH and next 47 CH. CH 8. Skip 8 stitches. SC in next 3 CH. CH 8, skip 8 stitches. SC in next 48 CH. CH 1, turn.

Row 3: SC in same stitch and next 37, HDC in next stitch, DC in next 9 stitches, DC into next CH. 2 DC in next 2 CH. 3 DC in next CH. 2 DC in next CH. HDC in next CH. 2 HDC in next CH. HDC in next CH. HDC 3 together. HDC in next CH. 2 HDC in next CH. HDC in next CH. 2 DC in next CH. 3 DC in next CH. 2 DC in next 2 CH. DC in last CH. DC in next 9 stitches. HDC in next stitch. SC in next 38 stitches.

Row 4: CH 1, SC around the entire piece. Join to first SC.

Now you need to weave in  your ends. Lay the piece on a flat surface and kill the acrylic yarn! To do this you will need to lay a wet washcloth or towel over the piece and iron it. For a “How to kill acrylic yarn”check out Moogly’s tutorial! *tip* killing and letting it air dry will help the fit
Free Ninja Mask Crochet Pattern


Girl Ninja Masks

TMNT crochet mask

Bank Robber Crochet Mask

This next one is was created by Home-Made-Hats <3 Be sure to like her page!
free ninja mask pattern

The next two masks were also crocheted by the lovely Home Made Hats!



TMNT - Free Crochet Pattern


  1. Karen Edwards says

    “2 HDC in next CH. HDC 3 together. 2 HDC in next CH.” When you say HDC 3 together? Do you mean do 3 HDC in only one then do “2HDC in next chain?”

    I am not sure what I keep doing wrong….:(
    When I try to get to the end of the 2nd row where I am I do the last 48 it seems I need 10 more stitches before I get to MY end.

  2. Beverly Graham says

    And how do you print or save this? Not being able to makes the pattern useless to me as I cannot tie up my television for that long. My family would kill meas we do not have cable.

  3. Sally says

    Maybe it’s just me, but the mask seems to fold in half when it’s tied so it makes it difficult to see out of. Any suggestions? I’m thinking some kind of reinforcing stitch on one side, but I’d like your input! My kid loves this thing (he just can’t see out of it!), thank you!

  4. Sue-Ellen says

    I have made 2 of these. Is there a row missing? If I make it the way the pattern dictates it appears there is a row missing on the bottom of the mask. Geeze am I missing something or is the pattern incorrect?????

  5. Pam says

    I just finished one up and it was extremely easy to make. I am attaching it to a hat for my grandson. I know the rest of the family will also want one. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Krystal Garcia says

    Hello. Is this one size fits all? I want to make one for a 3 year old. How would I go about adjusting the size? Thank you so much.

    • CorinaCorina says

      My daughter wore the pink one at 3 years old… but I bet if you use a size smaller hook and maybe caron simply soft yarn… it would be a better fit.


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