Free Crochet Sun Hat Patterns!

free sun hat crochet patterns

Shortly after learning how to crochet, I searched the web for a simple sun hat pattern. It didn’t take long for me to realize I was going to have to pay for one or write one myself. The great thing about sun hats is that they are great all year long! Even in the winter, especially when on a long car ride on a sunny day.  One of the most annoying things for my daughter is driving into the sun while on a road trip. She is still too young to know to keep her sunglasses on.. so instead, we bring the crochet sun hat too!

Here is a list of the FREE crochet sun hat patterns I have written so far.

6-9 Month Sun Hat
9-18 Month Sun Hat
Toddler Sun Hat
Child Size Sun Hat
Adult Sun Hat

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  1. […] Last summer I created my first sun hat pattern. After posting the first one on my personal Facebook page I was flooded with crochet orders in all colors and sizes. By the end of July I had created multiple sizes of this simple, fun and adorable brimmed hat. Create this sun hat for all the ladies and princess’s in your life and with some boy colors these would be great for the little men too!  I am sharing the child size version here at the amazing Moogly Blog but if you need other sizes check out Stitch11′s Free Sun Hat patterns! […]

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