For the King of Your Castle


This free crochet pattern is for all of our little Kings who like to be in charge of the castle. This kings crown should fit small children, big kids, and even some adults. You can also check out the pattern for the princess crown and 0-3 month Princess crown.


Worsted Weight Yarn (I used Red Heart Super Saver)
F/3.75MM Crochet Hook


CH – Chain
SC – Single Crochet
HDC – Half Double Crochet
DC – Double Crochet
PS – Puff Stitch

Get Started!

Round 1: CH 80 , slip stitch to first chain (make sure chain is not twisted)

Round 2-3: CH 1, SC around, Connect to CH 1

Round 4: CH 2, HDC around, Connect to top of CH 2

Round 5: CH 1, SC around, Connect to CH 1

Round 6: *skip 3 stitches , 3 DC in next stitch- CH 2- 3 DC(all in one
stitch), skip 3 stitches , slip stitch in next stitch* Repeat from *
around the crown.

Round 7: Slip stitch around the top of the crown but when you reach
every CH 2 space on the top of each point you ~Slip stitch in Ch 2
space, CH 2, PS, Ch 2, Slip stitch in same CH 2 space~ (To do the
puff stitch you need to yarn over, put hook in stitch, yarn over,
pull through, repeat two more times, pulling yarn through a total of
7 hoops)

Finish off.

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  1. Corinaadmin says

    Thats great! I am glad you love it. I actually have mine stretched over my head right now. It would make for a great queens crown 😉

  2. CorinaCorina says

    Britney, This crown actually would be PERFECT for a twelve year old. If you go to my photo album on my facebook fanpage you will see my 10 year old son in this exact crown. Both I and my husband can wear it too. Thats the great thing about yarn. it stretches really well.

  3. Terri says

    I made this king crown last night…once I got the first row connected without twisting it….it was fast and easy. It fit perfect and my grandson loved it. He was King for his party. I also made one tonight for my older son to wear to football games – it will match his bow tie. Going to make the princess one for the granddaughter. Thanks so much!

  4. Nancy says

    I would like to make this crown for a 0-3 month old using Red Heart soft baby steps. What hook size should I use and how long should my chain be?

  5. R says

    I love the way you have your page set up and the “clean print” that is the best thing I have ever seen on a page. Love the crowns too. I think they are perfect!

    • CorinaCorina says

      I would just try using a .5 larger hook size. This one actually stretches over an adults head so it woudn’t take much to make it fit an adult comfortably.

  6. Kasha says

    I think my problem is I chain too tight since it wont fit my 19 month old. Gonna try to go up a hook size and see if that helps. He acts like he rules so he might as well have a crown :)

    • CorinaCorina says

      That would help a lot. Or you could start with the Foundation Single Crochet as your chain.. then it stretches really well. 😀


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